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How Does it Work?


Threefold's focus is set on neighborhoods with the potential of becoming the “next hot thing” in the local market.


Rather then approaching a property owner with an offer to buy him out, we present him with our unique business model, making him an active partner in the business instead.


A signed agreement between the property owner and Threefold is followed by the establishment of a distinct joint venture operating company, detailing the development project from conception to finish.


Now, other investors are invited to buy shares of the company.


In order to give different types of investors the possibility to buy, Threefold shares are based on square footage rather then appartment units.


Since their value increases in the process of development, buying membership shares early from a set quantity and for a fixed price provides the best value for any investor.


By connecting the three sides of the triangle – developer, property owner and investor – into one entrepreneurial force, the joint venture company can operate without brokers and intermediaries, saving costs and speeding up the process.


Under no circumstances are investors or property owners asked to pay for additional or unforeseen costs during construction and development. Thanks to the substantial value of its properties, Threefold serves as financial guaranter for all companies founded under its label.


The timeline for a project from the beginning of construction to the marketing and sales stage is about 24 months.


After the conclusion of the sales phase, profits on the investments are divided amongst the investors and the property owner.


If, at the end of construction, it is decided for any reason to delay marketing and sale of the project, the investors will receive an annual return of their initial investment.


When Property Owner, Investor and Developer Unite You Want to be on Board.