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MR. Johnson - Crystal Manor Property Owner

MS. Robinson - 1404 Bushwick Ave Property Owner

MR. Frieman - 629-631 Dekalb Ave Property Owner

We believe that successful development requires collaborative relationships combined with open and honest communication alongside our local property owners. You are equal partners in our development projects and we make sure to keep you informed about the project’s progress at all times. This philosophy is fundamental to Threefold and the successful delivery and completion of our developments, as well as to ensure all of our partners’ goals and objectives are met or exceeded.

Joint ventures are gaining popularity. For a landowner, developing a plot within a joint venture partnership guarantees increased profitability. Instead of selling the land undeveloped or directly to a developer, in a joint venture, the landowner enters an agreement with a developer, contributing land while the latter may finance and manage the project. The profits are then shared at a previously agreed rate within the joint venture agreement.

You don’t have to leave your home and neighborhood for payment. Threefold is your opportunity to stay and grow further, together.

Most landowners and property developers are used to traditional methods of financing construction projects which involve raising capital by either selling part of the land or taking a loan from the bank. A joint venture partnership with Threefold eliminates this so that landowners can receive a higher rate of return. Under no circumstances is the local property owner required to transfer any additional funds to Threefold as part of the development of the project.

We are convinced that we can, and ultimately will help you, the local property owner, by mutually putting up a deal that is a ‘win with you’ scenario whereby you, the equity capital investors and Threefold can mutually benefit beyond the reach of individual development.

If you have the desire to develop your property but don’t know how to get started, lack professional assistance or even financial means, then please contact us. We can help and make it work together.

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