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A Formula for Success

Founded in Brooklyn, New York, in 2016, Threefold specializes in facilitating joint ventures with equity capital investors and local property owners in the acquisition, reposition and/or development of multi-unit condominiums, multi-family, and single tenant properties.

Threefold focuses on properties in and around the New York metropolitan area, including Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan.

Our formula for success: join the forces of a real estate entrepreneur, a property owner, and an investor, in order for all parties to benefit from higher profits.

Executive Team

Guy Iber, Co-Founder

Guy Iber has been a real estate entrepreneur in the New York metropolitan area for over 16
years. He has successfully initiated and marketed over 100 projects in Brooklyn and Queens.

Dean Mavrides, Co-Founder

Dean Mavrides is the managing partner of the New York-based law firm Mavrides, Moyal, Packman & Sadkin, LLP. Since 1998, Mavrides, Moyal, Packman & Sadkin, LLP has been an industry leader in assisting clients with New York and New Jersey real estate and corporate transactions. For 19 years of legal practice, Mr. Mavrides has represented many prominent lenders, developers, property operators, business owners, investors, and first-time and repeat home buyers.

Our Formula

Our extensive experience enables us to bring additional value to our projects beyond capital contribution. We provide certainty of execution paired with the ability to close transactions quickly. We have the requisite skills to assess complex transactions while engineering flexible and unique solutions.

Partnering with Threefold gives you access to a knowledgeable and successful developer with teams of trained and experienced professionals. In addition to finding local property owners and equity capital investors, Threefold oversees the management of the entire development project from start to finish. Our team’s experience encompasses all aspects of real estate including acquisition, project planning, construction management, regulatory issues, obtaining building permits and municipal approvals, financing, legal management, development, sales, marketing, and leasing. Additionally, our team has extensive experience working alongside some of the best architects, contractors, lawyers and interior designers.

Commitment to the Community

We made a commitment to integrate each development project to the local community. From large-scale municipal planning processes and collaborations with smaller community development organizations, to joint ventures with long-time local property owners, our development projects are carefully configured to adapt with the character of the neighborhood.

In order to actively support the development and promote growth in the community, we make serious efforts to hire local contractors.

Our Projects

A distinct operating company is established for the development of each of our projects. The joined ownership between Threefold, local property owner, and equity capital investors who share a common interest, presents an unbeatable method for maximizing the value of the enterprise.