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An attractive, dynamic neighborhood full of historic architecture and greenery focalize in this well-connected cultural hub. Bedford-Stuyvesant, popularly known as Bed-Stuy, is located in central Brooklyn alongside the equally trendy Williamsburg and a 25 minute trip into Midtown by subway. Spanning seven avenues, the vibrant neighborhood of Bedford-Stuyvesant is home to a diverse group of people who care deeply about keeping this developing neighborhood’s cultural history intact. A community that boasts both immaculate brownstones and shabby storefronts, Bed-Stuy residents share their streets with lively characters and young hipsters. In the 1930s and 40s, African Americans living in Harlem also migrated to Bed-Stuy seeking to purchase homes. Actually, this is how the classic American jazz standard “Take the A Train” got its name. Home to one of the city’s oldest and largest black communities, Bed-Stuy is a neighborhood rich in culture, pride, and history which is what makes it such a tight-knit community. You can find public schools, charter schools, and private schools all over Bed-Stuy. Till this day, you can still find old-school block parties, street art and famous spots where Jay Z and Notorious B.I.G. first dreamt of fame. Block associations here are important to the residents, and the warmer months mean dozens of lively block parties and street festivals. Bed-Stuy is the perfect place for people looking for a piece of Brooklyn to call their own.

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