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This determined, unfiltered neighborhood tells the New York story through rich immigrant history, art, and bodegas. A popular hipster enclave in deep Brooklyn, Bushwick combines a thriving art, restaurant and bar scene with an older, more rooted Hispanic culture. Bushwick is the second best neighborhood in the country for cool things — which include bikeability, festivals and local taxes. Bushwick lies within the borders of Brooklyn Community District 4, which is defined by Flushing Avenue, Broadway, the Queens border and the Evergreen Cemetery. Kindness and compassion can take you far, especially in Bushwick where truly diverse crowds with different expectations and interests live side by side. Bushwick is a perfect place for those seeking unconventional living spaces: The housing market is full of converted lofts in old factories, most of the time with considerable access to outdoor space. A new bar or a coffee shop opens every week in Bushwick. If the bush had a middle name, it would be “New Bar.” Empty walls have been alluring the greatest names of street art nationally as well as internationally for several years now by artists like Banksy, Shepard Fairey, ROA, and Veng. From around the 1890s to 1915, Brooklyn was the beer capital of America. That led to the creation of “Brewers’ Row” along Bushwick Avenue, where many of the brewery owners and other industry moguls built large homes. In the avenues of Bushwick you’ll find various art galleries, boutiques, restaurants, and bars largely because of the proximity of the L train. The L train runs along Wyckoff Avenue and to 14th Street in Manhattan, which takes about 30 minutes. For food and entertainment under one roof, a 50-seat movie theater, bar and restaurant called Syndicated on Bogart Street. It’s really easy to connect with people in this neighborhood, whether it’s your retired lady neighbor or an attractive twenty-something in a bar. You will likely meet people who will totally inspire and energize you. Be whoever you want to be here as long as you’re honest, considerate, and kind.

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